Whose placenta is that?

Posted on April 06 2017

When a blond-haired American approaches a booth at a Japanese trade show, the employees scramble to push the English-speaker of the team to the front table.  I suppose the fact that I don't speak Japanese is written all over my face.

"This is placenta cookie," one polo-shirted gentleman said.  

The Japanese use the word "cookie" to describe something that I would normally call a biscuit, or a patty, or some other savory cake of edibles.  But the word "cookie" isn't what's throwing me off here.  

"Oh!" I say.  The gentleman takes my shock personally, assuming he misspoke.  He ushers a co-worker to assist us both.

"This is placenta cookie," the next gentleman says.  "And this is placenta pill and placenta chew."  He motions to the other products, all beautifully labeled, packaged, and presented.

I'd recently had a conversation with a pregnant friend about the benefits of placenta consumption.  I had never heard of giving dogs placentas as a general supplement or treat, or of anyone consuming a placenta that was not their own.

"Whose placenta is that? I asked.

"It is pork placenta," he answered with a grin, observing my white girl confusion.

I knew I'd never get a placenta cookie past customs, so I moved on.

Hattie Rex Interpets trade show dog tags dog food

The InterPets trade show --and the dog market in all of Japan -- is unlike anything I've seen or heard of in my 10 years in the pet industry.

Among the most popular items for sale were clothing and carriers.  But, I know what type of clothing and carriers you're thinking of.  This is different.

It's not just cute shirts with cute sayings, or coats and jackets for short-haired dogs to wear in a Montana winter.  Dogs who are lucky (or unlucky? -- your choice) enough to be Japanese get entire wardrobes.  I'm talking pants (yes, pants), suspenders, even undergarments.  Seriously, I saw a lacy black petticoat that is meant to be worn under a skirt with a blouse.  Available in sizes 4XS-Large.

The dog carriers don't stop at the take-your-dog-on-a-plane carrier, or even the take-your-dog-shopping carrier.  There are Labradors and Bernese Mountain Dogs in strollers (and dresses).  Dog-wearing is as popular in Tokyo as baby-wearing is in any town in America with a Whole Foods.

Dog Stroller Vendor at InterPets Dog and Pet Trade Show

Other popular up-and-coming products?  A baby-monitor-inspired camera with facial recognition so you can watch your dog while you're away.  A wifi-enabled cat toy that lets you point lasers and dangle feathers for your homebound cat from the convenience of your iphone.  And my favorite, doggy social media.  I know Sofia has her own Instagram account, but this network includes a fit-bit style activity monitor that allows you to compare your dog's activity to the activity of dogs of the same breed, schedule meet-ups for play dates, and get health tips from other dog owners.

Hattie Rex Dog Clothing at Interpets Dog Pet Trade Show

As I walked around this trade show, observing some of the most curious products ever invented for pets, I couldn't help but compare my own pet-inspired business with these.  Am I like these people?  No, surely not.  

Sofia doesn't wear dresses!  

But, she does have a denim jacket with a "Mama Tried" patch sewn on.   And a winter sweater with a fur collar.  And a life jacket.

But no, I'm not like these people!  

Sofia doesn't have a stroller!  Sofia walks on her own four legs.

But she has gotten a ride down a mountain in a backpack on multiple occasions, so maybe I'm doing her a disservice by not getting her a proper carrier with cutouts for her arms and legs and tail?

Maybe we're not so different after all.  Maybe the thing that makes us bring a pet into our home and treat it like family is a universal thing.  And while the ways we groom it and treat it and clothe it and speak to it may be different, the way they love us unconditionally, bring us joy every day, and make our lives complete is something that every pet owner on the planet knows very well.  That love is very much the same.


Maybe I should have snuck some placenta cookies on that plane after all.  

Sofia the Westie Dog Denim Jacket

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