• Emma Quiet Pet Tag
  • Emma Quiet Pet Tag
  • Emma Quiet Pet Tag
  • Emma Quiet Pet Tag
  • Emma Quiet Pet Tag

Emma Quiet Pet Tag
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Meet Emma.
Emma lives in an apartment in a gated community, so she's normally pretty secure.  One time, her dog walker was in a hurry when she left, and she didn't latch the door all the way.  Emma used her wet little nose to push the door open and spent the rest of the afternoon joy-running throughout the neighborhood!  It was joyous!  Luckily for Emma's humans, Emma was wearing a Hattie tag.  Hattie brings you home.
  • Features a vine and leaf design
  • Created as a quiet alternative to traditional hanging tags
  • Designed for use on an adjustable ribbon, fabric, or webbing collar
  • Tag measures 2.5" long
  • Quiet tag widths are according to the width of the dog's collar
  • Plate is cut from thick metal
  • Sample tag features the "pinup" font, with the first letter in the "fancy initial" font
  • Each letter and number is individually stamped by hand with an antique hammer
  • Click here to watch a video explaining how to attach this tag to your dog's collar

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